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In this month’s issue, we share important news, handy top tips, inspirational resources, and updates on what we have been doing recently to help improve your Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment practice.

For this month’s question, we want to know which app you prefer, Kahoot or Quizizz?
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LearnZone Rollover

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The LearnZone Rollover will be taking place in July.

To minimise disruption, the rollover will be undertaken during CPD Week. Key dates when systems will be offline and unavailable can be found below.

LearnZone:         03/07/2024 to 06/07/2024
HELearnZone:    03/07/2024 Only
StaffZone:          03/07/2024 to 06/07/2024

Personal and Professional Development – Study Skills Update

We have recently made updates to the Study Skill section of the PPD in FE LearnZone.
To help students embed AI digital skills into their studies we have added AI prompts and tools into the Reading, Writing, Presentation, Discussion, and Exam Skills pages.
Familiarise yourself with the PPD Study Skill pages to effectively share these resources you’re your students helping them prepare for their Exams and Assessments.

Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance!

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We have been informed of some upcoming Turnitin scheduled maintenance.

Turnitin will take a 4-hour maintenance window on Saturday 16 March from 2pm6pm GMT.

Top Tips and Resources

Troubleshoot Your Turnitin Issues

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Microsoft Forms has had some great updates of recent.

In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the most useful ones, including Present Live, Stream Interactions, Practice Mode and the newly improved PowerPoint integration.
Find out more in our blog.

Troubleshoot Your Turnitin Issues

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Some issues teachers often run into with Turnitin can mostly be easily fixed.

The two most frequent issues staff log with us are when they can’t access student work for marking, and when students can’t submit to a Turnitin submission.

In our blog post we explore why these errors happen, and advice for troubleshooting your issues.

AI Prompt of the Month

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This month’s prompt is… Create a Rubric

Customise and use the prompt to help in the creation of a rubric for a task to be used in an upcoming class.
We encourage you to share your top prompt through our AI Prompts online form.

If you need further guidance or have any concerns regarding AI misconduct, please email us.

What’s Happening

Bodyswaps session with Care

In February, we ran another successful VR session with two Caring Services classes.

Students worked through a mental health scenario using the Bodyswaps app which we are currently piloting on the Meta Quest VR headsets and iPads. Bodyswaps gives student access to an array of soft skill training scenarios, that can be learnt in a truly immersive lesson.

Class using VR Headsets
Class using VR Headsets

Help and Support

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As always contact the Digital Learning Team for more information, guidance, and support.

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