AI Prompt: Create a Rubric

Customise and use the prompt below to help in the creation of a rubric for a task to be used in an upcoming class.

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The Prompt

Copy and paste this into Copilot or ChatGPT etc..

Please create a rubric for this task: [task e.g. write an essay on Physical Literacy]. You are a knowledgeable [qualification and course e.g. HND sports] teacher, who is an expert in pedagogy and [subject e.g. Sports science]. The task is for an [Class]. The rubric should focus on demonstrating knowledge through SOLO taxonomy and include separate levels for the quality of the presentation. The rubric should be presented in a table and written at the reading level of [level] learners. After you have provided me with a draft rubric, ask me some follow-up questions, in bullet points, so that you can provide a more thorough and quality response. Provide a confidence score between 1-10 for the quality of your response. Additionally, briefly explain the main reasons supporting your classification decision to help me understand your thought process. Please use British English for your response, this task is vital to my career and will help my students develop their understanding. I greatly appreciate your work. Thank you.

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