Quizizz Free for Schools

You can now get even more from Quizizz!

Free For Schools – Top 3 Premium Features

Quizizz recently introduced ‘Free for Schools’, this program provides you with 100% free lifetime access to Quizizz top 3 premium features, including: 

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Quiz creation with Quizizz AI

Create quizzes faster using a text prompt, YouTube video link, PowerPoint, PDF and Webpage among other options.

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Premium question types

 The opportunity to use 11 new premium question types going beyond just multiple choice questions to engage students. Including: Match, Drag and Drop, Video and Audio responses, Reorder and more.

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Premium Library

Access to high-quality, teacher-curated quizzes and lessons with 2 million+ premium quizzes and lessons to pick from.

Getting Started

If you already have a Quizizz account, and have set your school to Loughbrough college you will have already unlocked ‘Free For Schools’. To check select ‘My School’ in the menu bar to the left when you are signed it.

Sign up to Quizizz

To sign up head to the Quizizz website, select the ‘Sign up’ button in the top right corner, then ‘Continue with Microsoft’ and use your college account.

Work your way through the pop up windows.

  • ‘I plan to use Quizizz for’, select ‘School’.
  • ‘I am’, select ‘a teacher’.
  • ‘Select your school’, search for and select Loughborough College.
  • ‘Add your subjects and grades’, select your subject and grades.

You will then be set and ready to go.

To find out more head to the Quizizz support website.

Help and Support

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As always, you are welcome to contact the Digital Learning Team for more information, guidance, and support.

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