Digital Learning News May 2023


In this issue we will share essential news, top tips, resources and what we have been doing recently, to help improve your Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment practice.


Turnitin AI Detection

Turnitin has developed a new AI writing indicator that is specifically designed to identify and highlight any AI-generated text within a submitted document.

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Microsoft Stream update

An important reminder of key dates to remember regarding Stream (Classic) including

May 15th, when no new videos can be uploaded. We also cover new updates to Stream (On SharePoint) including Playlists and new recording features.

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1:1s to support your digital skills development

The Digital Learning Team are trialing 1:1 support sessions where staff can book a 30-minute meeting with either Kay, Dan or Jesse to support the development of their digital skills.

The booking system can be accessed via the following link:

Book a 1:1 meeting with a member of Digital Learning

Top Tips & Resources

Public Preview (Early Access) in Teams for new features

You can access new features in Teams quicker by turning on Public Preview (Early Access) including new Polls in meetings.

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What’s Happening

A VR soft skills experience with Bodyswaps

As you all know VR is making waves in the education sector.

As part of the Digital Learning team’s ongoing commitment to support the curriculum with existing and new technologies; we arranged for the Bodyswaps team to come and demonstrate their award-winning VR soft skills training platform to our Advanced Practitioners.

This cross-curriculum resource can be used as a tutorial resource or as part of a lesson providing students the opportunity to practice and develop their communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

They offer a range of products with a focus on

  1. Employability & job interview
  2. Communication & public speaking
  3. Management and leadership
  4. Diversity, equity and inclusion
  5. Customer service

The session was received with great enthusiasm, and we gained some very positive feedback:

I think for some students this would be an invaluable tool, enabling them to roleplay and get used to the act of speaking out loud ‘in front’ of a room full of people. “

“I also find Students can lack confidence when we speak to them about interviews, how they communicate, and body language and I feel this would be very beneficial.”

The Bodyswaps team has kindly provided us with continued access so if you would like to find out for yourself how this can have an impact on your learners please contact the Digital Learning team.

If you wish to find out more, you can find some case studies here: Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training Case Studies | Bodyswaps

VR in education

As part of our continuing commitment to support the curriculum embedding digital technologies in TLA, the Digital Learning Team has been continuing to investigate the world of VR and researching apps that could be useful for teams.

If you or your team are interested in how VR could be beneficial to teaching and learning or know of an app you want to try with your groups don’t hesitate to get in contact, we can investigate the app and set up a practice session with teachers.

Help and Support

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