We have recently added Wooclap to our list of authorised learning technologies.

Wooclap is a quiz tool in which you create ‘events’ and add a quiz or activity. Question types include multiple choice, matching, poll, Word cloud, images for labeling, audio/video, slides, brainstorms, whiteboards to name a few.

Gif scolling through wooclap choices including multiple choice, word cloud, open question, poll, timer, slide, Brainstorming, matching, find on image, fill in the blanks, label an image, Whiteboard, rating, Audio / Video, sorting, find a number, priortisation, SCT Judgment and Script concordance test.

With your college Microsoft login, you can sign up safely and quickly.

The free account allows you to create unlimited events and have up to 1000 participants more than enough for most. It is worth noting that free accounts only allow you to add two quiz questions/activities per event.

To find out how to create your first event watch the video from Wooclap below:

Wooclap could be used as an alternative option to Mentimeter or Quizizz for synchronous learning in the classroom or on Teams.

With more options than your average quizzing tool, it’s well worth a look and you may very well find your new favourite tool.

Find all of the college-approved apps on our College Platforms page

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