There has been an extremely positive response to the Twitter project, sparking a great deal of responses and discussion on the #LTHE feed, so much so that we have had to look at the archive to go back to read the volume of discussion.

As we viewed the responses on the hastag- it was exciting to see so many educators working within eLearning have already been thinking about their own roles and experiences, some of those have kindly offered us their personal musings in the form of blog posts to help answer our question.

We have taken the time to create this blog post as a way of presenting a collated list of those blog posts, upon reading them (thank you to all who have contributed!) we feel that they contain extremely interesting points of discussion both for this particular project and the wider LT/eLearning community.

These blog posts (shown as short-links) were written in response to the project or have resurfaced because of the project:


Thank you again to all of those who have contributed and have spent the time to offer their valuable insights. The project is still on-going so data will still be captured by the #LTHE if you wanted to contribute to our discussion.


For more information read our blog post about the project or contact us at: eLearning@loucoll.ac.uk

Tweet or follow us: @ eLearn_loucoll


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