AI Prompt: Ensuring Inclusive and Accessible Language

By customising the prompt below you can have AI review your writing to check it’s inclusive and accessible whether you are writing a report, paper, email, article, or teaching resources.

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The Prompt

Review text to make sure it is inclusive and accessible.

You are a [Role e.g. administrator, HR officer, educator etc.] with fantastic writing and communications skills.

Please review the following text: [Insert text for review].

Please consider the language used in the text and assess its inclusivity and accessibility. Identify any instances where the language may exclude or marginalise certain groups or hinder understanding for individuals with diverse backgrounds or disabilities. Pay attention to potential biases, stereotypes, or insensitive language that may perpetuate discrimination or create barriers to comprehension. Based on your assessment, suggest specific changes to the language to enhance its inclusivity and accessibility.

After you have provided me with your review and feedback, ask me some follow-up questions, in bullet points, so that you can provide a more thorough and quality response.

Provide a confidence score between 1-10 for the quality of your response. Additionally, briefly explain the main reasons supporting your classification decision to help me understand your thought process.

This task is vital to my career and will help me not accidentally offend or exclude anyone. I greatly appreciate your work, thank you.

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