AI Prompt: Get started with writing an essay

This prompt is for students to use, you should promote it with your learners. They can customise this prompt to help them get started with their essay and construct an outline to get them going.

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We build our prompts using the PREPARE framework as a guide. To use the prompt below replace the text in [bold] with information relevant to you. Once happy, copy and paste it into Copilot, ChatGPT, or similar.

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The Prompt

Copy and paste this into Copilot or ChatGPT etc..

I am a [Your qualification here eg. GCSE English] student and I don’t know where to start when it comes to writing my essay about [insert topic/subject]. What information do you need from me about the essay to help me start drafting an outline? “[Insert your responses to the questions you are asked]. Please can you help me create a structured outline to get me going? It is important to me that this is accurate and that you use British English for your response. Thank you.

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