Canva – Everything you need to teach engaging lessons

We are big fans of Canva in Digital Learning, it’s a fantastic tool for use in and outside the classroom.

Whether you use it to create your resources or are getting your students to use it to create brilliant bits of work for assessment. It’s a creative and surprisingly easy app to use.

If you are new to Canva or have maybe never heard of it, you can find out more and take your first steps by visiting our previous blog.

As we have an education license of Canva you and your students get full access to the app. You can make use of all the features, including Templates and AI-infused magic (as they call it), with Magic Write and Magic Animate to name a couple.

You can create documents, presentations, videos and all kinds of digital and print-based media. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Canva has put together this useful page: Everything you need to teach engaging lessons which has loads of information and resources for you to make use of.

So why not try something new with your students, you might just create some magic in the classroom.

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