Digital Learning Spooky News October 2023


In this issue, we scare up some nightmarish news, terrifying tips, drag the lake for resources, and share what we have been doing last summer, all to help improve your Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment practice. Why not try out this Halloween quiz with your students.

Dracula’s Feedback Question

We want your blood! I mean, we are keen to hear your feedback.

After last month’s feedback question, it was fantastic to see 33% of people are already embracing the use of ChatGPT.

However, we were wondering why 32% of you are not using ChatGPT and not planning to. What are the barriers for you to adopt this new technology and how can we help you overcome them? We really would like to find out why so please tell us by emailing Digital Learning.

In the meantime why not read our useful blog post and watch our video on Getting Started with ChatGPT to get up to speed.

This month’s supernatural survey focuses on the diabolical digital tools you are using with your students. Select the image below to take part in this month’s survey.

Use this link to answer the survey if the picture above does not work for you.

Nightmarish News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI Logo

The College is committed to providing support and guidance for staff and students to help them embrace the use of AI.

It is essential that you are familiar with our Assessment, FE plagiarism and HE Miscoduct policies to help you to prepare for delivering assessments. Available to you and your learners on our Student Helpdesk.

To support students, we have created An Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) LearnZone page. You can find pages for FE, HE, plus some additional AI Guidance on our helpdesk.

Please contact Dan Vaughan with any concerns regarding AI misconduct or guidance.

Auto Enrol Closed for FE LearnZone

FE and HE LearnZone logo

Students can no longer auto-enrol onto FE LearnZone course pages.
If your students did not access your pages before October, you will now need to manually enrol them onto your LearnZone Pages.

Find out how in our blog post

Terrifying Tips & Rotten Resources

Microsoft Forms Best Practice

In our most recent blog post we go through the best practice for setting up Microsoft Forms, no matter whether you work in curriculum or business support.

By utilising a Teams site and Excel spreadsheets, make sure you are creating and managing Forms the correct way.

Find out more in our blog post.

LearnZone Lightbulb

FE and HE LearnZone logo

Feedback from students shows that sometimes LearnZone pages can become too long, making the current topic resources difficult to find.

To make sure your students can easily find the topic you are currently on, ensure it loads first when students arrive on the page by using the Highlight Lightbulb feature.

The Highlight Lightbulb can be found at the top of the page under the topic title, next to the delete, hide and move topic buttons. By selecting it, it will add a ‘Current’ bar across the top of the page, and add a dot with the word ‘Current’ next to the topic in the list of topics to the left of the page.

Now instead of loading the Introduction page, it will take them straight to the highlighted topic so they should never struggle to find your resources again.

Shortcut Tip of the Month

In Microsoft Word, if you press Ctrl + Enter it will create a new page, why not give it a try.

We Know What’s Happened Last Summer

These past months we have been very busy squirreling away on projects which we hope to launch very soon. Topics including AI, Teams, and other teaching tools.

Keep an eye out on the blog for when all will be revealed.

VR in education

If you or your team are interested in how VR could be beneficial to teaching and learning, or know of an app you want to try with your groups, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can investigate the app and set up a practice session with teachers.

In Hell Help and Suffering Support

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The Digital Learning team wish you a spooky Halloween!

As always contact the Digital Learning Team for more information, guidance, and support.

Normalcy will return next month… well, as normal as we get.

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