A Tutors Guide

Outline the purpose

Designed to put learners in control of their personal and profesional development, learners can now choose which online sessions and courses they complete to support the development of their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Show how to access

The Personal and Profesional Development Programme can be found on LearnZone. With its bright coloured tile, its hard to miss! Learners should be shown how to access this in a face-to-face turorial session.

Explain how it works

With a range of topics and courses, learners can choose to complete individual sessions across several courses or work towards completing an entire course or topic. You can also signpost them to useful sessions or courses.

Prepare for lift off

Learners should allow 1-hour to complete each session and aim to complete one session per week. Learners could complete more than one if they have time, but must complete 30 sessions over the year to fulfil the programme hours.

Tracking completion

Each session contains a quiz. Learners must achieve at least 60% in the quiz (unless stated otherwise) for the sesion to marked as complete. Learners must complete the sessions on a PC or laptop to ensure it trackes properly.

Monitoring progress

A report will be available in ClearView to enable you to monitor the number of sessions and hours each learner in your group has completed on the Personal and Professional Development Programme.

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