Immersive Classroom Guide

The immersive classrooms are equipped with speakers, a standard webcam and microphone mounted on the projector, and a motorised camera controlled via a remote. As part of an online Teams lesson these can be used alongside other online activities and tools to engage learners at home and in-class activities such as Q and A and group work.

3.5 stereo jack


To connect to the classroom speakers you will need to plug the stereo jack lead into the headphones socket on your laptop.

eMeet camera and microphone

eMeet Web Camera

The eMeet web camera is located on the projector arm or just above the whiteboard and points towards the back of the room. This camera also houses a microphone for your use.

vScene Camera

Vscene Camera

The V scene ceiling-mounted camera is a motorised camera that can be controlled via the remote and has been programmed with 4 preprogrammed presets.

Accessing the speakers,cameras and microphones via Microsoft Teams

Swick camera menu in Teams

Switching cameras

Once your Laptop is plugged into the dock It should automatically detect the additional cameras. To switch between cameras in Team hover the mouse pointer over your camera feed select the and click Switch camera. This will cycle through any camera attached to the laptop including any built-in cameras.

Microsoft teamsdevice settings menu

Selecting cameras and microphones from device settings.

You can use Device settings to access any speakers microphones, and cameras attached to the laptop.

  • Asuming the stereo jack cable is connected you will need to select the Heaphones option from the menu.
  • We recommend selecting the Microphone (HD Webcam eMeat C960) under the Microphone options.
  • Cameras should be accessed as needed from any that appear on the list and can be cycled through as described above.

Controling the Vscene camera via the remote

Camera select buttons on camera remote

Camera control

If the camera is unresponsive pressing button 1 will re-establish communication between the remote and the camera.

Preset  select buttons on camera remote


Each room has had for preset camera positions programmed in for you to use.

1 – Projector Board Wide-Angle
2 – Projector Board Close Up
3 – Whiteboard Close Up
4 – Teacher Medium Shot
Use 5 – 9 for custom pre-set angles

vScene Camera

Focus, zoom, pan and tilt buttons on camera remote


+ Zoom in
– Zoom out

Zoom button


Up down, left, and right

pan and tilt control buttons on camera remote

*Note as the camera is mounted on the ceiling upside down Left and Right are reversed

Function buttons on camera remote

These buttons have no function in the immersive classroom.


If the speakers, microphone, or cameras are not detected or not working then contact IT support on EXT 6369 for assistance.

If you need help on how to use the immersive classroom technologies within your lesson or you are looking for additional online tools to engage your learners then as always contact the Digital Learning Team

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