LearnZone & Microsoft Teams Integration

The new integration automatically creates Microsoft Teams sites for you to use for DTLA.

It uses your existing LearnZone and HELearnZone course pages to create a Teams site of the same name with the addition of a prefix.

  • LZ:  for LearnZone Courses
  • HE: for HELearnzone

All Teams sites that are part of the integration have a prefix.

Any staff or students with access to the existing LearnZone or HeLearnZone course page will automatically be given access to the corresponding Teams site.

This video is a quick explanation and demonstration of how the integration works.

We recommend that all Digital Teaching, Learning, and assessment sites are created this way to allow for consistency across our teaching platforms.

To Add or remove people or an entire Teams site from this integration you will need to follow the appropriate actions below. Please note that Teams sites will be re-added and users re-enrolled if these processes are not followed.


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