Microsoft Forms: Build your own self marking quizzes.

Microsoft Forms is a quick and easy way to create quizzes that give your students instant feedback and marks. Originally designed as a survey tool, Microsoft has added the quiz feature to make it great for assessment both in and out of the class.

Not tried a Microsoft Form before? Give this quick general knowledge quiz a try to see how it works from a students point of view.

Why use forms?

  1. They are easy to use.
  2. You can create multiple choice, short answer and ranking questions to grill your students.
  3. They self-mark so you don’t have to (you even get a nice report at the end.)
  4. Students can answer the questions on a mobile, tablet or computer.

Whether it’s to check learning, revision for a test or as a homework task I would recommend giving Microsoft Forms a try.

To get started visit the guide- Create a quiz with Microsoft Forms or give us a call.

Using Forms to the max

For those interested in the more advanced features you can also;

  • Probe deeper by asking long answer questions. You can then mark these and give individualized feedback.
  • Add equations to the question and restrict short answers to a number.
  • Add branching, so if a student answers a question wrong, why not give them a similar question with more guidance to develop their understanding.
  • Use it for it’s original use and create surveys.
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