Infographics for Revision With Venngage

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? We certainly do and we love to use Venngage to create them. With a range of available templates, you can create quick and easy infographics to display a wide range of data.┬áThe uses for this type of display in teaching is only as limited as your imagination. It’s so quick and easy there’s nothing stopping you.

Although Venngage is advertised as an infographic tool, you can use it to display any sort of information for students. As we get closer to exam season Venngage can help you (or your students) create pre-exam revision sheets, to help students with one final recap to help the information stick. The templates that are already created are perfect for getting key points across, with big colorful titles for key facts and attractive icons to help link the information in your memory.

On the other end of the spectrum, Venngage is ideal for introducing a brand new topic. Instead of spending time creating an topic overview in word or publisher, use the existing templates to create something much quicker and end up with a better result. By using a range of icons, charts and typography, you can create attractive looking information, that can display everything student’s need for an introduction to a topic.

We’ve created a Venngage of our own to show some of our Learnzone statistics of 2016. Enjoy!

[infographic id=”x1485868579732″]

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