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The launch of the Loughborough College eSafety course in February 2014 saw over 500 students complete the course in its first month with a number of those achieving their gold badge. After releasing the course as an open resource, over 100 colleges have now downloaded it to date  – including a college in Kazakhstan.

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October 2015 update: As part of a larger ongoing project ‘Your Passport‘, the eSafety course has now been updated and is still available to the community.

To see what the course has to offer take a look at this short video: eSafety video intro. To receive the resource please email us and we will send the zipped file to you.

Requirements for eSafety course: The course is available without badges, but it can easily be set up with badges if your Moodle supports it (we are happy to send you our badges if this helps).

The requirements for the tool without badges are as follows.

Your Moodle should be version 2.2 or above and have the following plugins/activities installed:

  • Page
  • Quiz
  • Questionnaire

For guide on how to restore/import a moodle course please see the link below:



“I think this course has good content which is pitched at the right level for students in the age range of the College. There is also a nice mix of reading and activity and the whole thing is supported with voice over which is good for accessibility” Ginny Franklin, Loughborough University.

“ A great e-safety course with enough detail about the topics presented. The case studies are poignant and relevant to the topics.  The information is not preachy, nor is it too childish but provides a good overview for FE age groups. The overall format allows an institution to easily and quickly add their own resources in accordance to their policies. We intend to roll this out to all our students for this autumn” Anu Laitakari, Plumpton College.

“It’s a great resource, so we are really looking forward to using it” Nicholas Bullen, Bournville College.

“Our digital learning team were looking for an esafety course for our students to complete and this excellent Moodle plugin was exactly what we needed. We think the organisation of the sections works really well with information about the topic, a case study, a quiz or a task and additional reading being really effective. Making the course interactive ensures that students have to engage with and understand the material too. The case studies are relevant, interesting and appropriate for a range of age groups and we fully intend to have all our students complete the course in induction to their programmes” Daniel Grimes (Quality Improvement), Rotherham College.

“I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the course and really like what I have seen – the mix of media, the age-appropriate level of content etc. Once again, thanks for the course, I hope that it is really going to hit the spot (and get people using our new Moodle!)” Matt Harrison, Portland College.

“The feedback from the safeguarding team  has been amazing  – all of them citing this as a brilliant resource – engaging, informative and rewarding” Steve Wileman, South Staffordshire College.

“An excellent student friendly resource which is interactive and informative. Exactly what the college was looking for” Susannah Brown, John Leggott College.

“My personal feedback is that the course is excellent – contains engaging content with useful examples” Joan Archibald, West College Scotland.

“It’s good to see something different and your course looks very attractive.” Kay Sanders, Harrow College.

“We really enjoyed the course content, it was, current, interactive and thought provoking.  Thank you for letting us sample it.” Bernadette Brown, Derwentside College.

“I was very impressed with your course as I thought it was attractive, informative, up to date and would appeal to a wide range of learners.” Bill Pearson, Reaseheath College.

“The course is informative with case studies, quizzes and interactive content covering social media, online bullying, digital identity, sexting and data protection.  This has provided us with a fantastic course and saved us hours of development.” Joy Howat, Dundee and Angus College.

“Loughborough’s Introduction to eSafety resource will alert students to a variety of important topics, and it includes activities to engage the user’s interest.  Completing the module should help students to become aware of eSafety issues, and as a result help them to keep themselves and their information safe while communicating and working online.” Jane Lunsford, The Open University.

“This is an excellent resource that students of all levels will find engaging and beneficial to their college, work and personal lives. I was particularly impressed with the range of e-safety content included in the Moodle course, which also meets the requirements of the safeguarding agenda.” Tracey Davis, Bromley college

“We are so very impressed. Well done to all the team, and thank you very much.” Will Sutton, Runshaw College


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