Loughborough College Technology Celebration Day – 17th October

The eLearning team at Loughborough College are proud to announce their first Technology Celebration Day!

Book your sessions for the afternoon via this link.

tekkers ticket

Be prepared for a fun filled day at the fair on the 17th October. The event will take place in The Hub, so come along and join us for a day of all things technology, sharing ideas and maybe a few suprises along the way.

The agenda for the day is as below, and please remember the morning session is is just for you to come and visit the 13 (yes, 13!) different stalls to share and explore the impact of technology for your students.


The bookable sessions for the afternoon are:

  • Lesson Plus – How to create online lessons using Loughborough College’s specialist software.
  • LearnZone Quizzes – Creating interactive quizzes on Moodle using a variety of different question types and reports.
  • Teaching Wall – Using the interactive projectors and the software that comes with them.
  • Qwizdom – Increasing learner participation using interactive handsets.
  • Badges – Motivating learners to participate in activities using online accreditations.

See you all at the fair!!!

Come to the fair!


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