Why YOU should join the East Midlands Learning Technology Group. Yes… YOU!

Last week members of the eLearning team at Loughborough College attended the 4th meeting of the EastMidsLT  group. This is a group linked to, and supported by, the Association of Learning Technology. This group is a thriving community of people (support staff, academic staff, and specialist technology staff) who are interested in exploring and sharing the use of technology for learning and teaching.

This group is EXCITING! Seriously. The presentations are informal, informative, friendly and supportive; they spark conversations about how technology can enhance the student experience, they inspire thoughts on how a certain system of tool can be used to support a teaching initiative but most of all, the group gives time and space to learn from like-minded people and put in place potential collaborations, For instance, we have already finished two completely different projects with the University of Derby and the University of Leicester. How else could you make these connections easily?

If you are sitting there and thinking, well I work in FE and this really isn’t for me, think again. This is exactly the group for you, in fact we need representatives from FE in the group. Think about it… not only do we need to know how to prepare our students for HE, HE need to know what the FE student expectations are when they transition. Each sector has something really important to bring. Be part of it, you won’t regret it.

But… don’t just believe us, look through the hashtag #emlt on twitter from the last meeting or read the storify of the day. And yes, the cakes were delicious!

You can join the East Midlands JiscMail list at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/emlt. You can also find the group on Linkedin or Google+ or simply email the chair of the group,  Sarah Horrigan on s.horrigan@derby.ac.uk

Hope to see you at the next meeting! 🙂

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