Teenagers own 6 digital devices says research

A survey by IT firm Logicalis says that teenagers now own 6 digital devices and some 28% of the 1,004 13- to 17-year-olds questioned feel ICT is key to their future career.

The research, was originally designed to establish the “digital footprint” of teenagers today, its recently published suggests that young people do understand the value of a digital future.
The results show that three-quarters of the young people surveyed expect the country to update its devices and technology to keep up with the habits of the digital generation. Almost a third of the 1,004 13- to 17-year-olds who answered the survey felt that ICT would play a key part in their education and
future career, so much so that ICT and the sciences came out in the top four most important subjects.

The top 6 digital devices owned by young people:

  • Smartphone
  • Television
  • Laptop
  • Games console
  • MP3/iPod
  • Digital camera

From these results it is apparent that young people are actively engaged, savvy and ‘connected’ with a variety of devices, the firm say about the research that “nurturing this generation’s digital capabilities could bring significant economic value to UK companies and increase the UK’s competitiveness in
the international market.”

Its not just that young people are highly connected to a variety of devices-the survey also suggests that two-thirds are creating and actively sharing their own videos and content, and apps including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were the top apps being downloaded and used by young people. Young coders are also learning to create their own apps and games. one in ten have already made their own app and two thirds would like to.
The Department for Education spokesman said about these results that “We agree that computing is vital for the economy, alongside traditional core subjects including English, maths
and science.


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