Learning Spaces Workshop

Learning Spaces Conference report

This event was a half day event held at the University of Nottingham and collaboratively facilitated between the London Knowledge Lab, the Open University and the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham.
There were many insular themes at the conference but the most applicable session and demonstration was from Duncan Perberdy, a Learning Spaces Specialist from Top-Tec (Dalen Ltd), who spoke about Technologies for Collaborative Learning. The benefits of an active learning space are described by Duncan as:
·        Enriched student experience with higher academic results
·        Development of transferable skills for employment, research and continuing education
·        More fulfilling professional roles for tutors to impart their expertise
·        Increased recruitment and retention of students – important for maintaining income streams.
·        They provide a positive social environment in which to learn.
Top Tec (Dalen Ltd) http://www.top-tec.co.uk/ have been involved in designing many spaces in Higher Education and demonstrated furniture and technologies that could transform the learning experience. Of particular interest was the software that could project a computer image onto many walls at the same time which allows the tutor to slowly build up the information presented to students as the previous slide(s) remains on display to add context and comparison. However for each image projected, there needs to be a separate projector and specific feeds on the computer for each projector, making it an expensive solution.
The white paper prepared by Duncan Peberdy:  “The Case for Active Learning Environments in University Education” can be found on the eLearning Sharepoint site.
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