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From the 20th of August 2013 you will be able to log on to Learnzone to see the new and improved appearance! Learnzone has been upgraded to the latest version of Moodle, enabling improved usability. The simple and clean design of the new layout is the product of much hard work of the Web and eLearning teams within the college.




Each section has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure ease of use, even the new colour palette of Orange and Grey, has been specifically chosen to be clear, inclusive and visible across all devices.

The new layout is similar to a variety of online platforms already used by young people throughout the world, Learnzone’s new appearance models the sites like Facebook etc, in a bid to make the Learning experience as simple and familiar as possible. This is important to reduce the amount of confusion and time spent by students trying to navigate the site, and of course, this means less time answering questions for you!


Example of Grooveshark- a widely used Music streaming site


The structure of the site has been designed to guide the user through the content, whilst users are guided through the courses in a linear fashion, users can access and revisit content in any order they wish, which is a bonus when it comes to exam revision time!


Aside from its sleek looks, the upgrade offers the following benefits to the user;


  • Simple improved menus- menus appear simple with clear icons and straightforward to use.


  • Easier to create quizzes- quizzes are simple to create which saves you time!


  • Drag and Drop of files- the most useful upgrade for uploading files to your site- a simple and fast way to upload files in Firefox and Chrome.


  • Streamlined activity chooser- activity menu that is lighter and less confusing to use- giving you simple activity building choice.


  • Tracking student activity- you are able to track how regularly students are using the course and what they are achieving/doing whilst they are logged in.


  • Badges for gamification- Learnzone can now offer badges for completion of modules/course/topics to engage students and keep them on track with achievements and progression.


All of which I am sure you will agree are a huge improvement!



Visit the new version either by accessing it through the Loughborough college homepage and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page or by visiting;


Let us know what you think, email us; We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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