First scripting session goes well

As the part of the project we have arranged for 3 scripting sessions with Martin Hawksey to be delivered using Adobe Connect.  In preparation Martin and I had talked over the content we thought might be appropriate for the session and discussed the progress made so far by Dave Foord and myself.  As part of the sharing process Steve Saffhill of the JISC RSC East Midlands also came along.

The session started with a brief introduction to scripts with Martin quickly introducing us to some coding lessons on and then into a crash course on One-dimensional, Multi-dimensional, and Associative Array’s; the take home message that Square brackets [..] are used for one-dimensional and multi-dimensional array’s but to graduate into Associative arrays you need to use Squiggly brackets {…}.

We moved on to dissect code and then discuss the work we’d already done on this project that Martin has blogged about on his own site, and where he has progressed the code still further, to read more check out the post here:

After session one I think its fair to say we’re all really keen on the potential of Google Scripts and we’re currently thinking of ways to improve the efficiency of feedback provision and improve the speed and quality of student feedback.

The journey continues…

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