Communication through LearnZone (Moodle)

Moodle is an open source Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a tool which manages and promotes learning, through the creation of online learning sites. This project focused on some of the tools within Moodle which can be used to communicate with learners and facilitate communication between them including;

  • RSS feeds
  • Forum
  • Chat
  • Choices
  • Poll

The table below shows some potential uses of this technology in both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Below this are videos which demonstrate how this technology could be used in teaching and learning.

Uses in FE Uses in HE
RSS feed function to create online notice boards. RSS feed function to access tutor blogs relating to course/modules.
Forum function to support class work/assessments. Forum function for independent tasks.
Chat function to access tutor/peer support. Chat function to access tutor/peer support.
Choices function to sign up for tutorials/assessment slots. Choices function to sign up for module support.
Poll function to collect information from learners e.g. equipment needed for coaching. Poll function to ascertain student opinions/views/responses.
To contextualise learning from research tasks. To contextualise learning from papers, journals, articles.

Here is a documentation detailing the basic and advanced features that can be used to improve communication.

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