Apps for receiving student feedback

A good polling app can help teachers get an insight into how students are feeling about different aspects of their course. Polls can be  used to check understanding, assess teaching and learning, ask students anonymously how confident they are about a topic,  or simply gain feedback on how a particular lesson went.

For this process, we recommend Poll Everywhere, as it offers everything you need to ask insightful questions and get an instant response from your students. Responses can be given in 3 different ways, as long as the poll is set up to receive them. Students can reply by joining a poll on a webpage with a code, texting a number using keywords or tweeting an account linked to the poll.

As for setting up polls, the process is just as easy. Poll everywhere does not require you to sign up to create and use polls with participants. However, if you would like to receive the results of your polls, you must have an account. Also, by signing in with your Loughborough College account, you can have up to 40 learners using your poll rather than the standard 25. The results are saved to your account and can be displayed live in different formats, such as an easy to read bar chart. There is also a feature to embed Poll Everywhere into applications, an example of which can be found at the bottom of this post. This allows you to embed the question only for participants to respond to, or as we have done, you can show the results too.

You may find that quizzing apps may be better for the activity you have in mind, check out our blog on hinge questions for some ideas.
If you need any further help with Poll Everywhere or would like to tell us how you have used it, please contact the team on