Vidra – Tell a story


Vidra is a very quick and easy way of creating a video to explain something using text, images, icons and voice overs. The interface is extremely simple, making it easy for staff or students to create engaging videos in no time at all.

Impact On Learners

There’s a variety of ways in which Vidra can be incorporated in your sessions to help Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Firstly, it is multi-sensory and can be particularly effective in engaging learners who enjoy “doing” while they are learning. Secondly, it is good for collaborative learning as students can create projects which include text, photos and audio/voiceovers in partnership with their peers. Vidra’s range of original themes and templates can also help students to present their ideas quickly, simply and easily in a format that is slightly more unusual than traditional presentation software, giving them the potential to make their work stand out a little from their peers. – Paul Warren (Learning Support Assistant in Colleges in the South of England)

The eLearning Rating

Although this app is quite similar to Adobe Voice, we found that you have a little more freedom in terms of design, which can be great for exploring creativity. One of the main advantages to Vidra over Voice is that you can share to YouTube, meaning embedding and sharing is slightly easier.