– Quick and easy video conferencing


Video conferencing is notoriously difficult to set up, maintain and use on a regular basis. However, with the interface and settings are stripped down to a bare minimum, in order to make video conferencing much easier and simpler to set up. At the moment supports up to 8 users, but still manages to feed good quality video between all 8 cameras. There is also a chat function, an option to share stickers and share your screen, if you are working from a desktop computer.

Impact On Learners is an ideal tool to be used with distance learners or in a blended learning environment. With it being easy to set up, easy to share and easy for students to join, it is ideal to use on a regular basis. Having accessibility on mobile devices makes the app really easy to use to on the go, so you do not have to be sat at a computer to link up. One of the major uses we envisage students getting from this app is for assisting with group work and group projects. As the links are so easy to set up, it allows students to pop in to discuss work and collaborate whenever they desire.

The eLearning Rating

We have investigated so many different video conferencing tools here in the eLearning team. is probably the only one that we have all agreed is usable and easy to use. The stripped down interface not only makes setting up simple but quick too. It’s easy to get into a room by simply choosing a name and sharing the URL with your participants. The added feature of participants having to knock before you accept them into the room also adds an element of fun and control to the app, just like the stickers do. The only issue we found with the app is that the screen sharing capability has its limitations, as it causes glitches on desktop, and in our experience, doesn’t work at all on mobile. As a video conferencing tool, we love this app, but we understand that video conferencing is not going to be used in the every day classroom, hence our star rating.