Top Tip – NEW Teams Reply

Chats, especially with more than one other person conversation, can often move on quickly, and sometimes the opportunity to reply directly to a message has passed and your reply can become out of context.

Frustrated emoji

AAAAAAArgh frustrating!

Well don’t worry with the NEW Reply feature you can include the original message directly in your reply and here’s how:

A screen shot of replying to a message in Teams.
  1. Scroll to the message you want to reply to.
  2. On a Mac or PC hover the mouse over the message.
  3. From the pop up options select the ellipsis menu at the top right corner of the message.
  4. Select Reply.
  5. The message is then embedded in the new chat message.
  6. Type your new message and select the send button.

It’s as simple as that and now all your messages can be contextualized.


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