College DTLA Platforms & Programs

Current Supported Platforms and Programs

Loughborough College is excited to present a wide range of platforms and programs for you to utilize during teaching, learning, and assessment.

The infographic can be downloaded and will detail all of the systems of which we recommend and support. Due to GDPR and the absence of data sharing agreements, you must not use any of the platforms and software not currently on this document.

Proposing New Software

If you see a platform, program, app, or feature you wish to use that isn’t on our current offering then you can complete the form below to submit this for review.

We endeavor to grow and evolve our list to ensure you can use the very latest technology. However, as you can appreciate we are unable to purchase and support everything that is available. If you would like to make a request please click on the button below.

Should you have any questions about this policy or any of the information here please contact the eLearning Team on

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