FOTE 13 The Future Of Technology in Education Conference


The annual FOTE conference was held on the 11th October at the Senate House in London. It is a conference that aims to showcase, highlight and discuss trends and technologies that will impact on pedagogy and education in the future.


This year’s conference covered a wide range of topics including customer experience futurology, universal access to eBooks, MOOCs and pedagogies for large-scale student guidance.


Nicola Millard’s talk in particular was thought provoking as it described our learners as customers and that there are 3 areas which need to be addressed in order to achieve customer satisfaction when dealing with technology in education:

  • Cognitive easiness – the process that is being undertaken should be easily understood
  • Emotional effort – how much anger, joy or frustration for example is experienced when going through the process
  • Time effort –how much effort of patience is needed to complete the process.


Additionally, Nicola put forward that it was important for customers to have information available or accessible in a range of ways – omni channels and they prefer a choice of when they work, where they work and how they work.




All the speakers can be found on the FOTE13 conference website [] as well as all the recorded live talks.



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