Quia and HotPotatoes

Quia and HotPotatoes are tools that can be used to create online activities/quizzes for learners to access either in an educational setting or at home. The activities/quizzes are quick and easy to create and can be uploaded onto a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). On completion feedback is provided instantly to the learner, and their progress can be tracked by the tutor through ‘class reports’ in Quia, or the HotPotatoes plug-in on a VLE.

The table below shows some potential uses of this technology in both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Below this are videos which demonstrate how this technology could be used in teaching and learning.

Uses in FE Uses in HE
To create recap activities. To create recap activities.
For independent tasks to stretch and challenge. For independent tasks to support seminar topics.
For formative and summative assessment. For formative and summative assessment.
To produce phase tests. To produce phase tests.
To create exams. To create exams.
To contextualise learning from research tasks. To contextualise learning from papers, journals, articles.
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