Aurasma – The Augmented Reality App


Aurasma is a new concept in the ‘scan for more’ trend that is all over apps and websites. The app bases it’s premise on augmented reality, in where a trigger is scanned and a video, gif, or image then appears as an overlay. As the device moves Aurasma keeps the overlay on screen which gives the augmented reality feel.

Impact On Learners

I found Aurasma really useful for helping students to visualise shifting and alternate situations and to stretch their imagination. The students loved the alternative way of learning instead of just looking at photos or focusing on the board, and the app enabled me to vary the lesson activities and be dynamic with group work scenarios. There were also broader learning opportunities as the students were very curious about how it worked and the other possibilities within the app. As it was so simple to set up, I hope to be able to explore some of these other opportunities in future lessons. – Alison Green

The eLearning Rating

We’ve used Aurasma for a fair few different activities in the eLearning team now. In it’s simplest form it can be used to scan an image to give more information. Secondly it can be used for asking and answering questions like you saw in the video. However, in it’s most creative sense it can be used for a deeply intertwined activity, such as giving students a code or revealing colours in a black and white image. Essentially, Aurasma can be a tool to channel your creativity. We love it!