Venngage- Quick and Easy Infographics


Venngage is an online infographic creation tool. It allows the user to create beautiful graphics containing still images and live videos. Venngage has a bank of excellent templates that you can use to help you create not only useful, but attractive infographics too! Check out this example.

Impact On Learners

Venngage is a really useful tool to help visually represent elements of learning for easy understanding. The online tool enables students to build their own representation of information or for to staff to create their own. It is easy to operate and the templates mean you don’t have to start from scratch each time. So all in all, this app is ideal for both students and staff to create great infographics! – Gina Harper


The eLearning Rating

Venngage is an amazing way of displaying content to students. If you have a lot of data or information to show your students, instead of giving them pages of text, Venngage allows you to create it into a visual representation. We love Venngage because of it’s simplicity and ready built templates. There are premium options which allow you a few more options, the only thing we think is missing is Venngage apps.