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A.I. Powered Presentation Software

What is

We’ve all been there: Your presentation is at 9am tomorrow morning, but instead of rehearsing you’re up at midnight drawing circles and lining up arrows. This can’t be the best way to build a presentation, but until now it’s all we’ve had. is a new online service that will help you prepare a presentation which is easy to create, share and embed in LearnZone.  Check out these lovely examples:

Why use

Smart Templates

Instantly visualise your ideas with more than 50 ready-to-use, customisable smart templates. Just think of an idea, choose a template, and get to work. Finally, presentation software with smarts!  Check out the templates here:

Adaptive Slides

Don’t worry about changing fonts, lining up text boxes, or animating slides. The “Design AI” automates these tasks so that you can focus on your content.

Great Presentation will automatically enforce presentation design best practices—and set a few constraints—so that your slides always look clean, modern, and professional.

Beautiful Images

The image library includes millions of beautiful—and totally free—photos and icons. They’ll help you find them, place them, and filter them—seamlessly.

How could you use

Engage your students with amazing slides

As a teacher you can prepare slides for the curriculum and quickly share or embed them into LearnZone.  The main benefit aside from the fantastic design options is the ability to share the presentation and update them from one storage location.  Should you spot a mistake or a typo after you create them, then correcting this for everyone is quick and easy.  This prevent any unecessary duplication of materials and ensures all teachers or students have the most up to date copies of the slides.

Focus your students on the content

Students can prepare presentations or evidence using with the ability to store and share the file all from one storage area.  Students don’t have to worry about the design of their presentations, but they can focus on the content instead.

How much does cost?

At the moment most of the feature appear to be free.  We think they are working on a paid version which will have even more features, however you can create lots of presentations for free and share them at will!

What else should I know?

Although it’s free you need to consider any potential drawbacks when using this service.  I think the main and obvious one is that the service is held on a third party storage and as such if it’s down then you can’t access your account.  You also need to consider that the terms of service could change and some features may become chargeable even though they were once free.  That said, there is no issue in using this for student work as the evidence they create doesn’t need to be live for longer periods of time as with teachers’ resources.