eLearning Development Hour Training News!

Thank you for your much valued input to the eLearning Training Survey.  Your choices and comments will help us to better design all our sessions to have more impact on your teaching and ultimately students’ learning!

When asked which style of delivery you prefer, the two most popular options were carousel and didactic.  In response we will attempt to design each session with this in mind and where possible blend the two together to cater for a wider audience.

Based on the descriptions we supplied, the most popular pedagogically focused sessions were as follows:

Based on the descriptions we supplied, the most popular technologically focused sessions were as follows:

What next?

As a result of our survey, we will be advertising bookable CPD Development Hour events starting early 2019. The four events selected to run during this opening phase are:

Activities Using Technology

Work much smarter with a technology based plenary or starter

Learn to select from a range of online technologies to support a range of starter and plenary activities. Have a go at developing starters and plenaries that engage students’, enhance learning and check the progress and understanding throughout lessons.

Technology Flipped Learning

Get students’ gripped with a way of learning that’s flipped

Learn about the concept of flipped learning and explore a range of different methods and technologies to introduce this into the curriculum.  Participating in this session will provide you with opportunity to develop resources for a curriculum that make a deeper impact on students’ understanding and overall progress as students will be able to start each lesson with a higher level of understanding.

Developing Design & Layout

Enhance your presentation of each fact for maximum learner impact

In this session you will explore a range of core design and layout principles to enable you to enhance your resources, better engage students’ and improve overall communication.  You will also get the chance to use a range of technologies to help you present and share information to students in more interesting ways.

H5P Interactive Videos

Increase students’ productivity with some H5P video interactivity

Imagine creating a video where you can add multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, pop-up text and other types of interactions to their videos using only a web browser. During this session you will learn to make your videos more engaging with H5P interactive videos on LearnZone.

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