LearnZone Video: Easily embed YouTube videos in LearnZone

Youtube and LearnZone can play beautifully together and you can easily integrate them into your courses.  Embed the best of Youtube’s educational videos to enhance and develop students’ understanding of many areas of learning.  YouTube videos can be embedded directly on a LearnZone course or unit page, or in any activity or resource using the LearnZone text editor.

Embed | Flipping the Learning

Flip the learning with the YouTube video repository which can easily be searched and embedded in LearnZone activities and resources.  You can select from a wide variety of content to embed on your current topic of study.  Use the concept of flipped learning to enhance progress by requiring students to watch videos prior to a face-to-face class content. This technique will allow you to put the onus on students’ to take control of their own learning and be prepared in advance so they can discuss confidently the issues raised.

H5P | Assessment for Learning

Simply watching a video without any focus won’t always give the best results and doesn’t always offer a way to obtain measurable progress within a lesson.  Using a triple combination of LearnZone, H5P and YouTube could make watching a simple video much more effective and give you the power both control the pace of learning and measure the progress being made.  Watch the video below and then click here to visit the H5P website to find out more about this fantastic feature.

Forums | Self and Peer Learning

Students can also make use of the Link button in the text editor to share and discuss in forum posts any useful clips they’ve found relevant to the subject. If you teach them how to set up their own channel safely, they can add related videos to their own playlists, and can even record responses to discussions on their mobiles or tablets, upload to their channel and link to a forum or assignment.

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