Free 3D anatomy app that embeds on LearnZone.

This app is awesome and free to use by students. Designed for medical experts, it allows you to navigate around (and through) a 3D model of the human body. You can also strip back the skin, muscles, tendons, bones, organs and other squishy bits that make each of us.

You can label and add notes to specific parts of the body or area and there are even animations of the heart pumping or various medical procedures.

Big upside- is that can be embed into Learnzone. For example, if I want to embed an eye I can;

• remove all the other body parts
• create a cross section the eye
• add labels
• embed that view onto LearnZone.

Big downside – The tech involved in creating something like this in a browser means it can only work really well in Google Chrome. This is on all staff and student machines in college and is free to download, but it can be a barrier.

For an example click here for an animated example of a pair of lungs and heart or visit