Wizer – Interactive Worksheets


Wizer allows you to create interactive content that consists of a variety of tasks and content. By adding text, videos and images the worksheets can be used to introduce new topics or help explain any previous topic. As well as this, there are a variety of questions that can be added to check understanding. The worksheets can then be completed in class or as homework, with the results being viewed at a later time.

Impact On Learners

Wizer is all about bringing an update to paper-based worksheets. It allows learners to work through an online worksheet which consists of content and a range of question styles to test knowledge. The greatest impact is from the instant marking of the answers the student’s have given. This can then be analysed by teacher’s to adapt future lessons to cover any topics which may need extra help.

The eLearning Rating

We like the concept of Wizer simply for it’s layout. Most other apps we have seen give questions one by one, whereas Wizer gives them all on one page. The site is fairly easy to use and quick to set up. We really like that you can copy existing worksheets and amend them for different classes, or just use part of it. All in all this is a great tool for starting or finishing a lesson.