Quizizz – Quick quizzes using memes


Quizizz is an quick and easy tool to create quizzes that students can take part in during classes or at home. Using either their own devices or college devices, students are given the same questions but just in a different order. Depending on whether they get questions right or wrong, they get feedback in the form of different memes (A humorous image with a caption).

Impact On Learners

Similar to Kahoot!, this quizzing tool allows teachers to quickly check understanding around a subject. By either searching the bank of already existing quizzes or creating your own quiz, Quizizz allows students to quickly immerse themselves in formative assessment. The feedback being in the form of memes brings interest to the quiz by using a popular form of media that students will immediately recognise. Lastly, the reporting that is built in to Quizizz is perfect for allowing tutors to see where in the questions students were having issues, allowing them to tailor their teaching to address this.

The eLearning Rating

We have been using Kahoot! for quite a while in the eLearning team, so we were interested to see how Quizizz compares. We really like that each student gets the question on their device and the way the whole app is layed out. Being accessible on the web from any device makes this easy for students to use on their own devices